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Challenge Yourself Athletically All Through an App

By Ty Guzman

In a world where digital life constantly meshes with daily life, a groundbreaking app has emerged, poised to revolutionize the competitive landscape for today's athletes. Say hello to GotGame: the ultimate platform where virtual challenges become the battleground for connecting and competing and conquering.

GotGame is an app that provides a competitive video-challenge platform for today's athletes and competitors to connect and compete. GotGame provides many fitness challenges for people all around the world to compete against each other trying to find out who is the best.

"Imagine TikTok, Twitch and your favorite fitness app had a baby", states owner Brando Caveiro.

This app was developed and run by a CCHS alumni from the class of 2015, Brando Caveiro, who now started a club at Columbus which is comprised of a few seniors. These seniors have helped GotGame grow by managing social media, testing/providing feedback on the app and managing the products that are sold on the platform.

Senior and club member Alexis Penalver says, "GotGame has given me some real world experience into the marketing aspect of a tech startup."

Senior Daniel Malabet, Alexis Penalver, and Javier Diaz with GotGame owner Brando Caveiro helping at the Katy Strong Whiffle Ball tournament.

Caveiro also states that a big reason why GotGame was able to happen is because of Columbus Connects, a program for school alumni to connect and provide each other with opportunities and assistance with anything they need. Columbus Connects also hosts events where alumni in various industries speak to the community.

"I have been able to learn from so many great minds in the tech and business space thanks to Columbus, and I really encourage every Explorer to reach out to me or any other Columbus alums if they ever need help developing their careers," Caveiro added.

GotGame is open to offering an internship opportunity for any Columbus student who is trying to earn real-world experience in building a startup.

If you're ever interested in joining the GotGame team you can email Brando Caveiro at and start experiencing what it is like to start and manage an app.

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