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Thrilling and Unforgettable: Class of 2027 SeaWorld Trip

On Feb. 3, 2024, at 4:30 a.m. the class of 2027 embarked on a journey we would never forget: SeaWorld. Five buses filled with 225+ freshmen explorers, and our brave teacher chaperones ventured to discover what lay ahead.

Four hours later, we arrived and were able to experience the famous rides and delicious cuisines that the park had to offer.

Photo taken by Freshman Roberto Echeverri from the flamingo boats

The rides at SeaWorld are not for the faint of heart.

Freshman Danny Linares de Varona said, " I enjoyed the Manta ride the most because this roller coaster gives you a different experience with loops and speed."

The other rides - Kraken, Mako, Infinity Falls, Pipeline and Super Grover's Box Car Derby—are nothing short of exhilarating and loads of fun.

Kraken, a monstrous roller coaster, sends you soaring through loops and dives that keep your heart pounding. Mako offers a sensation of flight as you zoom through the air at breathtaking speeds. Infinity Falls immerses you in a wild water adventure, navigating rapids and plunging drops that leave you soaked and thrilled. Pipeline thrills with its twists and turns on a thrilling water slide, promising an adrenaline rush like no other. And Super Grover's Box Car Derby is a whimsical journey perfect for the whole family, filled with twists and turns that bring out giggles and excitement. These rides at SeaWorld Orlando combine thrills and fun in a way that will have you eager to ride them again and again.

Photo taken by Freshman Roberto Echeverri from the paddle boats

The food at SeaWorld was amazing also. Some were able to enjoy the Seven Seas Food Festival while others feasted on the many restaurants available in the park.

Towards the evening, we returned to our buses and a few hours later arrived back at our school, grateful to be given this opportunity to share this experience with our classmates and teachers.

Photo taken by Freshman Roberto Echeverri

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