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Is Senioritis Real?

by Charles Arencibia

The Psychology of Senioritis

As seniors near graduation, many may feel the effects of senioritis. According to a study done by Omniscient, 78 percent of high school seniors succumb to senioritis each year.

The causes of senioritis may be difficult to pin down for many students. It is only identified by a lack of motivation in the final year of high school, usually in the latter part of the school year. 

“Overall, senioritis is a mix of feeling tired, excited and unsure about the future,” said Ms. Rodriguez, a psychology teacher at Columbus.

Ms. Rodriguez attributes senioritis to a combination of factors that diminish the incentive for students to work hard and burn out the energy that students would ordinarily need to do their work effectively.

“It happens because they're excited about graduating or going to college, and they might feel tired from years of hard work. Seniors also believe that their grades won't affect their future as much as before. Plus, they might be nervous about big changes ahead,” she said.

A few seniors explain that the closeness of being done is what pushes them to the affliction.

"We are so close to being done with high school, it makes me feel like things are not as important," said senior James Dean.

"It's real because it is our last year of high school and we don't want to do any work. I would say it is a natural thing that happens," said senior Daniel Castro.

Rodriguez also suggests that in some cases peer pressure may play a role in senioritis. 

Overcoming Senioritis

Senioritis can be extremely overwhelming for many students, but some solutions can help lessen the effects of senioritis.

“It's important to maintain a balanced routine, including regular exercise and healthy habits, to keep energy levels up. Additionally, seniors can stay engaged by exploring new interests or volunteering in their community,” Ms. Rodriguez said.

"It is so real. I didn't think it was until this year," Miguelangel Barcelo said.

These practices will combat the lack of motivation which is at the root of senioritis.

"Students can overcome senioritis by staying organized, setting small goals and staying connected to their passions," she said.

Senioritis can be damaging to a senior's final transcript. It is of the utmost importance for students to have a plan for how they are going to achieve their goals by the end of the school year. Ms. Rodriguez encourages students to keep their long-term goals in mind to maintain focus in their final year of high school.

SENIORS: Do you have senioritis?

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