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Resonating Silence

by Daniel Malabet and Alexis Penalver

A silence fills the room.

A silence so fearsome, 

I cannot bear to listen to it much longer,

Left alone with my thoughts, 

I ponder.

Ponder on it all.

The small, the large, or the insignificant.

I look down upon the keys of my piano. 

Seemingly waiting 

to be graced by the dexterity of my fingers.

So I play.

And I play loud,

Amplifying the sound, 

enough to make,

the silence retreat into the dark.

So loud that I cannot think.

So loud that I cannot feel anything.

Anything at all.

A cacophony fills the room

with music so grand

silence kneels to its boom.

I am calm and at ease,

Despite the violence 

Unleashed on the keys. 

I can feel,

And I can see

all the emotions I poured on my keys. 

The Piano is my weapon,

and the music, my attack.

On everything that can hurt me.

But for now, 

As I let up on those keys, 

White and black,

The room goes back,

To the void of silence 

that made me feel so aghast. 

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