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Silver Knight and Service

by Carlos Montes de Oca

Christopher Columbus High School has always been a school of service. As an institution, one of its main goals has always been to give back to the loving community to which it belongs. The Marist ideals upon which the school was founded continue to inspire its students every day, propelling them to help those in need and do their part to help the community grow and flourish.

However, some have not only excelled in the classroom, but have also been notably active in their community, and the school honors them as Silver Knight (SK) nominees.

The SK award granted by the Miami Herald, a tradition that turns 66 this year, is a service award that distinguishes a student from a pillar of service and leadership in their community. The prestigious award has recognition across the state, and even country, and Columbus has had the honor of winning 19 SK Awards in the past 10 years.

Senior, James Sacher, said, “Being nominated for Silver Knight makes me happy because it means that my actions helped kids and made an impact on their lives.”

He focused his love for debate on teaching younger generations how to participate so that they can enjoy it as much as he does.

Also, Senior Javier Diaz, who was nominated for the World Languages Silver Knight, collected donations to send to Hurricane victims in different countries.

He said his project was important to him because “meeting people around the world not only gives me perspective on how others live but it also allows me to learn new things.”

Although service in our community is important, like Javier, some go the extra mile to help people around the world, something worth recognizing.

Mateo Silva, Silver Knight nominee for general scholarship worked to raise funds for less fortunate schools to build pools so that their children could learn how to swim.

He states, “Passing on my love of the water and swimming to younger children and trying to teach them the basics of swimming is a fulfilling challenge.” 

Community service is an essential aspect of personal growth and societal well-being. Engaging in community service allows individuals to connect with their surroundings, empathize with diverse perspectives, and contribute meaningfully to the common good. Moreover, community service offers practical opportunities to address social issues, build stronger communities and promote positive change. The true value lies in the relationships formed, the lives touched and the collective impact achieved.

These are only some of this year’s nominees from Christopher Columbus High School, which shows how dedicated the school is to serving the community. These gentlemen serve as an inspiration for all, exemplifying what it means to be a Columbus student. They also serve as motivation for the rest of the student body to increase their involvement in the community and start their service projects.

Community service holds a special place at Christopher Columbus High School, reflecting its commitment to Marist ideals and fostering a culture of giving back. While accolades like Silver Knight nominations recognize outstanding service, the true impact lies beyond the spotlight.

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