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Tales from the Vulcan: Story Four

by Nicholas Roiz

Kraken, The Hero of Skeptics” Art by: Nicholas Roiz (IG:

BREAKING NEWS!!! “The Kraken: Is it Myth? Legend? Alien? Who knows?!” Last Tuesday we began to take notice of an orange-suited SUPERHERO swinging and jetting around the city of New Dank! According to some sources from the locals, this individual has been fighting off the forces of crime using a purple goo that comes from his hands! We have no information on who’s the person behind the mask, but some people are wondering if this squid-like vigilante is even human, and associate it with the mysterious warning given by the alien nicknamed “The Spotify Alien” after they delivered their warning over a Spotify ad, causing mass riots over the credibility of the a- “I’m sick of this…” A young man turns his gaze away from the television as his mocha is served to him. He takes a sip and gives a deep sigh. “Earth’s getting worse and worse…” A young barista says. “Earth’s our backbone too, they’re providing us with O-two and actually good food. They’ve gotta straighten out.” “You know… with all this advancement, you think humans would be better about working together.” “They have. How else would we have got the colony ships off the ground and into other planets? How could we have set up the cities? It’s because we as a species are diverse, and some are smart and some are not. Some are scared, some are not. Considering we’re living it up here, we’re the ones who are smart and not scared.” “Are you just saying that because you’re working for them?“ The barista points at the logo on his button up shirt, an On button symbol with the letters KCPC in front of it. The young man shrugged. “Am I wrong though? Besides, they’re working on another colony ship. They call it Vulcan. It’ll be off in a few weeks, less with the new robots being produced to build it.” He went silent for a little bit, then took another sip. “I could go with a chat about robots…”

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