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Behind the Eyes of Justice: The FBI Compound Field Trip

By Ty Guzman

In the midst of Human Trafficking Prevention Month, Columbus history and law teacher Dr. Lee and a group of students had the experience of taking a field trip to an FBI compound. As this was a great way for students to learn and experience firsthand the role FBI has in our society, Dr. Lee made sure that this field trip was available for all students.

Dr. Lee stated, "The reason I opened it up for all students is because for me it is important to give our students exposure while opening their eyes to limitless opportunities."

Upon arriving, the students were surprised as they had to be searched and their phones were taken away due to the confidentiality of information within the compound. Dr. Lee added that the two supervisors and herself had to get a background check done at least a month before arriving to enter the compound.

Senior Martin Seals stated, "I wanted to take pictures and videos of all the interesting information that I saw but we weren't allowed to have our phones with us."

The students were able to see the booking process and room, talk and learn about the Miranda rights, go into the interrogation area where they had different simulations of evidence that was seized and talked about the top 10 most wanted with one of them having a $2 million reward if captured.

"They showed us how they can find hidden stuff that the naked eye cannot see," stated senior Alfonso Caram.

Additionally, students learned about the compound itself.

Samuel Polo-Varona added, "I saw a bunch of wanted posters and learned that FBI Miami is the 4th largest FBI compound in the United States."

The FBI was also willing to do a Q&A for anyone who had questions which many found interesting and learned a lot of fun facts due to the transparency in the FBI agents responses.

"They will literally tell you anything, if you ask they will tell. Except for the stuff they literally cannot tell you by law, so I pushed the limits by asking various questions," stated Seals.
Dr. Lee added, "A fun fact that I didn't know was that FBI Miami is also responsible for the geographical areas of South America, Central America, Mexico and Antartica."

Special agent David Solis organized the event in coordination with Dr. Lee.

Photos provided by special agent David Solis

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