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Best Halloween Candies?

Two perspectives on the best Halloween Candies

What Halloween Candies Are Held in the Highest Regards?

by Sebastian Arritola

Sweets—utterly delectable food offerings revered by all who indulge in them handcrafted entirely to satiate that daring demographic: whether it’d be the severing pleasures of a Kit-Kat or the icings and toppings plastered unto the culmination of a cake, they exude some of the largest array of appeals across the globe.

Select Holidays exemplify these sweets for what they are, such as Easter or Birthdays, even, but all pale in comparison to the one aiming to frighten the masses with sustenance in toe, Halloween.

The encroaching of individual domiciles coupled with diverse getups all encompass an ever-growing desire to consume these various candies. However, one may ponder to themselves, “With the sheer abundance of candies at our disposal, which ones reign—or taste—supreme?” The following selections have been compiled into five groupings as the best-of-the-best candies Halloween has to offer.

Reese’s Peanut Butter

A “certified” classic amongst Halloween-goers, Reese’s draws numerous persons to households on an annual basis, and how could they not? With the number of variants produced under the brand, ranging from Cups to minuscule, convenient bits, any individual would crave these on the coveted Halloween excursion.

Twix Bars

Considered by many as the “Tom Hanks” of candies, Twix Bars house one variable enamored by all: the duality of cookie and caramel. Who wouldn’t be allured by its contents?

Sour Patch

Sugar is imperative to the efficacy of the candy, and what better candy to empathize said sugar than Sour Patch? Its gimmick is common, yet simple: sugar, sugar galore, alongside a myriad of fruity euphoric flavoring.


The aforementioned Sour Patch may harbor copious amounts of sugar and fruit alike, but not all may yearn for wonderous glucose. Enter Starburst—Elongated Rectangles composed entirely of enticing fruit squares, making themselves home within your gluttonous mouths.


How could one go about the act of acquiring candy without nabbing what is quite possibly the linchpin of chocolate—Hershey's? Their respective texture is unlike any of its competitors, consistently yielding homeowner consumerism for means of distribution on that fateful night.

The Candy Controversy

by Alejandro Menendez

As the leaves begin to fall and the weather begins to chill, the Halloween spirit arrives upon us. And with it, of course, comes the heated debate about which candy is the undisputed best.

But all candy connoisseurs should know that this question is impossible to answer, as there are far too many different kinds of candy to choose from. However, not to fear candy enjoyers, since I have divided up the best candy debate into three categories consisting of chocolate, hard candy and gummy candy to give the most accurate opinion as possible.

To begin with, chocolate is an absolutely phenomenal category with

bars like Hershey’s, Snickers, Twix, and Crunch. But to me, the people who do chocolate the best come down to the producers of either Reese’s or KitKat. Although KitKat does put up a fight, the contrast of sweet and salty in the Reeses chocolate is unmatched and offers a unique and delicious taste.

Next up on our list will be the hard candy. Now when I mention hard candy I’m talking about stuff like Airheads, Nerds, Gobstoppers and Skittles. This candy genre is extremely delicious and my personal favorite is definitely Skittles. With a variety from wild berry to sour, Skittles are all around a great taste and also come in a fairly good-sized package if you want to share with friends (or not.)

Coming in last but not least is the gummy category. And although there are a lot of great brands of gummies such as Haribo and Welch’s, Trolli gummies are the best version of this candy by a mile. If I’m ever trick or treating and happen to stumble upon a lucky bag of Trolli’s, my face immediately lights up.

Although an extremely controversial topic, candy truly exists for the sole purpose of being something that is enjoyed by all people. And your views on it should never be shot down or discredited (even if you're someone who likes Almond Joy’s.)

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