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Castaways Against Cancer Week Recap

Updated: Apr 17, 2023

By Tiago Lirman

The Castaways Against Cancer is a volunteer non-profit that aims to fund cancer research and honor those who have fought cancer. They look to complete a long, fun, and mission-driven journey from Miami to Key West. There are three groups composed of kayakers, cyclists, and runners that honor those who have lost the fight and raise money and awareness for more cancer research. This journey is often described as a “ridiculous stunt” since kayakers paddle 160 miles over seven days, runners relay 170 miles over two days, and cyclists pedal 170 miles in ONE day. Ultimately, Castaways against Cancer looks to achieve the following:

  1. To fund cancer research

  2. To honor those who fought the fight

  3. “To light a candle rather than cursing the darkness”

The week of March 13 - 17, Castaways Against Cancer hosted activities and events after school to raise money and promote awareness. These games were organized and hosted by CCHS Business Teacher Mr. Corazon. The games played after school were the following: Spike ball (2v2), Freshman & Sophomore Basketball (3v3 + 1 sub), Soccer tournament (4v4 + 1 sub), Fortnite Video Game tournament, Junior & Senior Basketball tournament (3v3 +1 sub), and trivia (2 man teams) to finalize this successful week. The students had to donate $10 in order to participate in these events and help a good cause.

Some CHAMPIONS of these events were the following:

  1. Kevin Chavez & Marcel Illas (Spike ball)

  2. Alec Cohen- Laboy, Jonathan Nua, & Ryan Miranda (Freshman & Sophomore Basketball)

  3. Tomas Cologne, Ricardo Sierra, Daniel Sumalla, & Andres Gotera (Soccer)

  4. Brian Perez, Coltonn Stouffer, Lucas Gonzalez (Junior & Senior Basketball)

  5. Bruno Barreiro ( Castaways against Cancer Trivia)

Overall, this week was a huge success as it raised funds for cancer research and promoted fun activities that the Castaways intend to organize.

"It was great to see the students get involved with Castaways Against Cancer as we wish we would have had this opportunity when we were younger. It's great to see the group and organization that OB built be transmitted to students," Mr. Hermida said.

The Castaways Against Cancer continue to work hard and raise funds for cancer research and remember to always have fun.

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