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Columbus Moms Make an Impact

By Allan Tompkins

Photo by Ijaz Rafi on Unsplash

As Mother’s Day has just passed, it’s important to realize the profound impact that mothers truly have on the lives of their children. The bond that a child has with his/her mother is unbreakable and is one that continues to grow throughout their life despite arguments or disagreements. With how busy life gets, it’s often easy to forget just how important mothers are in peoples’ lives which is, many times, taken for granted. For example, coming home after a long day of school without having to think about cooking food, washing clothes, or cleaning the house can be a big relief that isn’t thought of much. Just like students, parents have busy days as well and might feel even more tired than their children, yet they still provide for them unconditionally.

That’s why during this time of year, people stop worrying about the hustle and bustle of life, and take time to realize how amazing their moms are. When people really think about the multitude of tasks that their mothers complete within a day, they become grateful for how easy their lives truly are.

“[My mom] means the world to me and without her, I wouldn’t be the same,” said sophomore Carlos Gutierrez.

Mothers can prove to be extremely influential to their children and teach them virtues of kindness, love, humility, and patience yet, many fail to notice how influential mothers can be to others. Whether that be to students in a teaching environment, or to the friends of their children, moms can help positively shape the development of tons of people within a lifetime.

"She has impacted me by persuading me to go to Columbus. She has provided for me and loved me. I would be lost without her," said senior Daniel Rivera.

Still, some mothers frequently hide challenges that might cause them trouble. This is what makes moms the superheroes that they are: they always strive to put others in front of them despite it possibly affecting them in a negative way. Moms are always the ones to sacrifice a good night’s rest to help their kids or sacrifice a night out to help save for an expense for their child. Whatever it may be, the selflessness that mothers have for others defines them as the good people that they are said to be.

Freshman Cormac Dawson said, “My mom faces the challenge of having three autoimmune diseases yet has influenced me to become a better person to everyone.”

It has been shown that having a strong family has continued to be America’s number one contributor to anti-poverty, anti-crime, and pro-health, and moms are very much responsible for this. The family is an incredibly large unit of American society that continues generations and is considered the foundation of instilling valuable morals and skills into future generations. Mothers and fathers nurturing their children throughout their lives has been shown to directly impact a decrease in crime rates and an increase in overall lifestyle. This leads to nurtured children eventually being able to distribute these values to their children and it continues a cycle that creates a strong bloodline.

“My mother has helped me be nice to others, be confident in myself as a person, and be proper with adults. She’s taught me everything I know,” said freshman, Mark Tanner.

Embarking on the path of motherhood is the greatest vocation a woman can make in life as she is bringing a new life into the world to develop into a strong character of society. The enormity of the impact that mothers make on society as a whole is so overlooked that many mothers fail to recognize it as well.

“She’s shaped me to be more independent, thoughtful, and resourceful to work around problems and issues I have,” said Gutierrez.

Motherhood not only influences family members with moral values, but it leads to a more compassionate, understanding and nurturing society that leads to higher rates of success and lower rates of poverty and crime. The love that a mother has for her child is unquantifiable and is like trying to measure the weight of the entire ocean with a common scale. Their impact on society will last for generations as the lessons that they teach their children will be passed on for hundreds of years.

"It takes a long time for you to realize how much your mom actually does for you and sometimes, when you do realize it, you're the point in your life where you can't spend so much time with her," senior Bosco Miranda.

Like we have on Mother’s Day and beyond, be sure to express gratitude to your mom, not through gifts, but through quality time. Do something for your mom that shows that you care and notice her good deeds that make your family what it is. Most of all, remember how challenging yet selfless the life of your mom can be and never forget to give her a hug and kiss; it’ll leave a bigger impact than you think.

"I compare my mom sometimes to the best advisor/manager/supporter. She's always behind me with everything I do. Every time I look back on anything, my mom is always right. Your mom's advice is not only true but also something you should follow. She is my biggest partner. My mom was always there a part of everything, part of the entire journey. All-encompassing of always there and unconditional love. Her presence is always in my corner," said senior Martin Seals.

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