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Coming Soon to Columbus: Hockey Club

Updated: Sep 26, 2023

by Daniel Rossi

Photo by Markus Spiske on Unsplash

In the last few weeks, religion teacher Mr. Davis and his students have been in the process of developing a Hockey club to give a chance for kids to play hockey for CCHS. This comes as a surprise, especially when hockey is not a common sport played in high school sports – especially in the state of Florida.

Mr. Davis, who has no experience in the game of hockey, has tried to promote this club to all students – with or without experience. In Miami alone, the majority of people playing hockey are part of an outside league or just play for fun. Now, Mr. Davis and his peers are one step closer to having hockey related activities in association with the school.

One student who shares the goal of making an official team for Columbus is Sophomore JP Espinosa. According to JP, the 15-20 students that have interest in playing club hockey for the school are in search of an official coach and place to practice the game. Additionally, the hockey club is waiting for the green light from Columbus Athletic Director Mr. McKeon. A little known fact, there used to be a roller hockey team here at Columbus in the past. Even though the Hockey Club is still far from taking off, the will from the students to play hockey is strong.

The big question going through the head of all the students is: WHEN? JP even says the phrase, “when we’re gonna play,” as he discusses the club. This shows that these students want to get started on this sport as soon as possible. For now we must wait for further detail on what is yet to come for the Hockey Club here in Columbus. Columbus continues to show that there is something for everyone!

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