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Corazon Endorses New Crypto ShamCoin

by Charles Arencibia

Mr. Corazon, the well-respected pseudo-economist and business mind, showed his support for ShamCoin. This impressive new cryptocurrency would make all Columbus transactions much easier. All it requires is for you to go to the third floor of the Wellness Center by the pool and register.

ShamCoin will allow students to hold a stake in a luxuriously insecure and volatile currency that will quadruple their investment. Corazon can’t take all the credit though; he couldn’t have done it without Mr. Madoff.

Corazon has rarely made any endorsements in his career besides his endorsement of Enron and ZZZZ Best. Despite his great track record, people have brought up some concerns but Corazon ensures them that ShamCoin is as honest as George Santos.

“ShamCoin is strong… like the base of a pyramid,” he said.

With his insight, ShamCoin looks like it's going to the moon.

This is an article for The Twig - the satire section of The Log.

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1 Comment

Keith Crossman
Keith Crossman
Nov 16, 2023

I'm already all in. Let's go! #Lambo

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