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Dolphins Give Up Late Lead in Loss to Titans

by Oscar Pinto

Miami Dolphins wide receiver Tyreek Hill (10) walks back to the locker room during the half-time of his NFL game against the Tennessee Titans at Hard Rock Stadium on Monday, Dec. 11, 2023, in Miami Gardens, Florida. (Matias J. Ocner/Miami Herald/TNS)

On Monday night, the Miami Dolphins faced off against the Tennessee Titans at Hard Rock Stadium in Miami, FL. The Dolphins entered this Week 14 matchup with hopes of tying the best record in the American Conference with the Baltimore Ravens.

Quarter 1

The game commenced with two significant fumbles by Miami quarterback Tua Tagovailoa, leading to a turnover for the Titans. During the following play, Titans quarterback Will Levis threw an interception directly to Zach Sieler, resulting in the Dolphins' first touchdown and putting them ahead 7-0 in the first quarter. With three minutes remaining, a dangerous tackle forced Tyreek Hill off the field in significant pain, a factor that would shape the Dolphins' mood and playstyle for the rest of the game.

Quarter 2

After a dreadful first quarter, where the Dolphins led 7-0, the Titans looked to make a comeback. Levis's 13-yard run led the Titans to a first-and-goal situation, and moments later, they leveled the score to 7-7. Toward the end of the second quarter, Dolphins kicker Jason Sanders attempted a 44-yard field goal, which was blocked by the Titans' defense, resulting in a turnover on downs. With 15 seconds left, Will Levis threw a 35-yard pass caught by Hopkins. To conclude the second quarter, the Titans kicked a field goal, making it 10-7.

Quarter 3

Five minutes into the third quarter, the Dolphins kicked a 20-yard attempt, leveling the game at 10-10. Levis then launched a 33-yard pass to Tyjae Spears, who made the catch and nearly fumbled. Levis threw to receiver Nick Westbrook in the following play, but the catch was incomplete. The Titans opted for a field goal from 23 yards, successfully converting and taking the lead at 13-10.

Quarter 4

Three minutes into the fourth quarter, the Dolphins leveled the game with a 31-yard kick attempt. Six minutes later, a punt by the Dolphins resulted in a turnover as returnman Garror missed the ball, leading to a Miami touchdown from the 6-yard line by running back Raheem Mostert. The Titans, starting from the 25-yard line, fumbled yet again. With four minutes remaining, the Mostert scored another touchdown, making it 26-13 with a successful extra point.

The Titans' late comeback began, scoring a touchdown and converting two points in the final two minutes to narrow the gap to 21-27. After a Dolphins punt, Tennessee secured a touchdown from running back Derick Henry after a handoff from 3 yards to get a one-point lead in the last minute, clinching a 28-27 victory over the Dolphins.


Tyreek Hill unfortunately sustained an injury during Monday's game, potentially sidelining him for their next matchup against the Jets.

Reflecting on the incident, Hill expressed, “It was a lot of pain, man."

His history of ankle issues throughout the season worsened the impact, with his first reaction being a fear of significant damage to his ankle. This moment had a massive effect on the dynamics of the game for the Dolphins, affecting Hill's ability to turn and run as he typically would.

The Dolphins faced further injuries as their starting center Connor Williams was ruled out in the third quarter due to a knee injury. Reports indicate that Williams tore his ACL, ruling him out for the rest of the season. Injuries of this nature can have massive effects on both the individual players and the team as a whole.

Dolphins Future

The Dolphins, facing the absence of Connor Williams and potentially Tyreek Hill, are confronted with a complicated Week 15 against the Jets. The Jets offense has been extremely menacing after their recent performance against the Texans blowing them out 30-6. The defense on the other hand has had moments throughout the season,

Titans Future

The Titans, riding high on confidence from their impressive 28-27 win against a powerhouse team, are now trying to end the season with a couple more victories. Despite their confidence, the Titans are set to face the Texans, whose standout rookie C.J. Stroud has amassed an impressive 3,361 passing yards this season. Stroud, however, is currently in concussion protocol with his status unclear.

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