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Fisher of Men

By Nicholas Roiz

In the sea a great battle, that makes boats rattle, lasts for all the days long. It’s quiet and calm, but many feel qualm for why many call such a battle. Lord enlighten them! They not know, how the line shrinks and grows, and the great struggle of wills and wish. For what I speak of, the passion seafarers love, the battle between fisherman and fish. Pull and tug! Rock back and forth! The unseen piscine lurks below! Life and Death! For a meal so fresh! The winner reaps what they sow! And in the final blast when the fish gives it’s last, the honor is given through good feast. Some say “But I’m no fisher!”, and to that I say “You Can!”, for one can fish for Christ, be a fisher of man. Grab nets and head out! Prepare for great bout! Jesus walks the waters of Galilee!

Answer his call! Go! Do not stall! Drop everything and follow with Thee!

For he will tell you about his qualm, the people have strayed from his Father’s kingdom. He needs your help to get them back for the devil will seize them and begin his attack.

Practice your good word! Learn your Virtues! Assist the Lord in his needs! Ready with rods and nets and trawls! Seize the fallen from the sea of sin!

The battle will be hard, but do not retard! For as like fisherman, be sturdy on your boat! And with Lord by your side, sin fails to hide, and you snag another and stay afloat!

But when the battle ends, ask to extend, “Lord, help me save a few more.”

For people depend on you, Fisher of Man, fish for men until you reach Heaven’s door.

This poem was written for a social justice project.

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