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Las Vegas' $3.6 Billion Sphere

by Roberto Echeverri

Director Darren Aronofksy‘s film “Postcard From Earth” at the Sphere. (Sphere Entertainment/TNS)

Did you know that there is a new tourist attraction in Las Vegas, called the MSG Sphere? It's a 3.6 billion dollar stadium shaped like a dome with 1.2 million LED lights attached to it. Its dimensions are 366 feet tall and 516 feet wide, one of the highest-resolution displays ever made.

"The screen is equivalent in size to two soccer fields, says Paul Westbury, the development and construction executive vice president at Sphere Entertainment Company, the live entertainment and media outfit behind the venue."- Smithsonian magazine

To advertise on the sphere's surface, it costs between $450,000 a day and $650,000 a week. Tickets to enter the attraction start at $69*, and the price increases with upgrades. In the atrium of the sphere, there are many peculiar spots such as talking to a robot called Aura. There is also an immersing film with beam-forming sounds, haptic seats and much more to add to the experience.

Concerts here, such as the U2 concert, create an immersive, deep experience for the attendee.

Aura, a robot, greets guests in the Sphere. (Rich Fury/Sphere Entertainment/TNS)

Visually, the MSG Sphere is stunning. But financially, it is putting the owners in a hole. The CFO, Gautam Ranj, resigned and they announced a $100 million loss.

Following the news of the operating loss, CEO James Dolan told shareholders that the company is building a positive momentum and is positioned to drive long-term value, according to USA Sports.

The sphere is one of the coolest tech trends right now, next time you stop by Las Vegas make sure to check it out.

Here's a link to the official website that shows how mathematically they created the sphere (in case you are curious):

U2 is shown during the premiere of "U2 UV: Achtung Baby" at the Sphere on Friday, Sept. 29, 2023. (John Katsilometes/Las Vegas Review-Journal/TNS)

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