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New Year New Me: Columbus students' hopes for 2024

by Allan Tompkins

Photo by BoliviaInteligente on Unsplash

As every new year begins, there is one tradition that is known throughout the world to represent new beginnings: resolutions. Whether it be trying to lose weight, planning to save more money or quitting procrastination, New Year's resolutions are the perfect way to be a better you.

Here at Columbus, every student has hopes and dreams to achieve a better version of themselves and there's nothing better than being able to start on a clean slate.

"I want to be the football player I have been practicing to become and become a better person in and out of school," stated freshman, Mathias Augustin

Resolutions can be tough to follow because you are adopting a new lifestyle quickly, which is why determination and discipline are key to accomplishing your annual goals. Yet, many students at Columbus have worked hard at what they want and associate New Year's resolutions with continuing their unfinished plans from the previous year.

"I want to incorporate more gym and basketball training into my schedule while also balancing my academics, " said freshman, Daniel Hernandez.

Some resolutions are large mountains to tackle, like junior Santiago Martinez's resolution of throwing 90 mph.

Sports are a big part of Columbus students' lives and keeping a balance between them and academics is the key to becoming a successful and versatile student. While school is in the large majority of resolutions for students, personal growth outside of school seems just as important.

Freshman Maximus Barrenechea states that he simply, "wants to work on himself." While freshman Maximo Pacheco wants to, "start a skincare routine."

Caring for yourself is extremely important to developing a healthy lifestyle to tackle any obstacles that you might face. Feeling confident in your skin can also make all the difference in achieving certain wants and needs in life.

Along with growth physically, academically, or athletically, there is also a very important value that is included in many students' resolutions: faith. Whether some are just turning to God now or want to strengthen their current relationship with Him, faith is a resolution that can be used to achieve anything and everything in one's life.

"I want to integrate Christ into my life more often and more effectively," said freshman Eduardo Gutierrez. "I am going to start opening my heart to Jesus and truly converse with him on a more personal level."

While saying a resolution is easy, actually doing it is another story. That's why these students have not only simply stated their resolutions, but have also planned how they are going to attain their goals within the end of the year.

"I am going to showcase my skills that I have developed over the offseason and continue working out," said Augustine.

Integrating new routines into your life is essential to improving your chances of accomplishing your goals.

"I have started to hit the gym 3-5 days a week and trained basketball every day after school," said Hernandez

It is also important to know that students are not alone in their aspirations. There are other students and faculty who will constantly stand by you to help you be the best person that you can be.

"I have received help from my friends to be the best I can physically and academically," added Barrenechea

New Year's resolutions are more than a globally popular tradition. They are an opportunity for self-improvement and a chance to start the year off on a good foot. Whether it be excelling in your studies, making the football team, or growing in your faith, resolutions signify the willingness to evolve and thrive. In the coming months, rely on your resolutions to guide you toward a better version of yourself and achieve your goals.

When we face challenges and yearn for self-improvement, the tradition of resolutions defines our indomitable human spirit and the endless possibilities that come with a fresh start.

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