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Spirit Week is Back: Here’s What to Expect

Updated: Sep 26, 2023

By Joseph Alonso

Source: CCHS Yearbook "Adelante"

With Halloween and homecoming on the horizon, it is finally time for spirit week! Planned and coordinated by the Student Activities Committee (SAC), this week will be filled with fun events and themes for each day. Keep in mind that for the days that involve dressing up, no inappropriate clothing may be worn. However, any appropriate pants and shoes may be worn. If you decide not to dress to the theme, then complete school uniform must be worn. Besides from that, there is a lot to unpack for such a short week, so let’s get straight in to it! Friday 10/28 We begin with Patriotic Day, which means that students may come to school wearing the colors red, white, and blue but it should not be political in any means. Later that day at 7:00 PM, senior night will kickoff with the Homecoming game versus Barba Goleman starting at 7:30. The day will conclude with the homecoming court presentation which will occur on the Columbus football field.

Monday 10/31 Kicking off the new week is an amazing day for Columbus as it is Halloween dress up day! Any appropriate costumes may be worn (masks may not be worn) which includes a mandatory $1 donation to the squires club to dress up. This day will also include trick or treating in homeroom, which is an exciting event to look forward too. Tuesday 11/1

To reminisce about the summer, this day’s theme is Tropical Tuesday. This means that students may come to school wearing their coolest summer gear. Early in the morning at 7:15 AM to 7:45 AM there will be fun games at Marist circle where you can win prizes! Wednesday 11/2

To commemorate Breast Cancer Awareness Month, students will be allowed to wear pink in support for the cause. In order to participate, a $1 donation must be made to the Students Activity Committee. In exciting news, the Kona Ice desert truck will make a comeback being available at all four lunches, so make sure to bring your wallet! The day then concludes with Senior Movie night which will be hosted in the cafeteria from 6:30pm to 9:30pm. Remember to bring folding chairs!

Thursday 11/3 As all of the fantasy football leagues are at their peak, this days theme will be Sports Day. On this day, students may come to school representing their favorite sports team. Also making a return is the Churro Desert Truck which will be available at all four lunches.

Friday 11/4 Finally, as the week ends there is Pajama day! On this day, students can wear any appropriate full pajamas (no boxers or shorts) and enjoy a relaxing day. Towards the evening, as many juniors and seniors have been anticipating, is the homecoming dance. Juniors and seniors attending should have already received information regarding the event hosted at Jungle Island at 7pm to 11pm. Final Thoughts Overall, the Student Activities Committee has worked hard to create and plan such a fun week for all the students. Judging from all of the different themes and fun events throughout each day, there is no doubt that this will be an amazing week. In an interview, sophomore Orlando Zambrano has expressed his excitement by saying, “Spirit Week gives students a chance to express themselves and creates a good bonding experience between friends.” In another case, Sophomore Andrew Ahrendt finds, “Spirit Week gets people to show school sprit and it also shows the freshman what the brotherhood is really like.” As the week progresses, hopefully more and more students decide to participate in the weeks such fun events which makes the experience so much better. Make sure to have fun during this new and exciting week!

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