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The First Incident

by Nicholas Roiz

On the 24th of January, near Woodlake Town, Officer Ash DeMarco received a clip from an unnamed number, now identified as “The Contact.”

The clip is a ScreenSee between The Contact and Jeremiah, the context of which was Jeremiah’s attempt to vandalize the Phillip Marcus Tunnel, which closed due to lack of funding.

The clip of the DScreenSee video opens with the sound of a car door closing.

The smudges of speed discomfort eyes as someone adjusts it to contrast with the darkness of their car and the street. Jeremiah Pinkerton is speaking to the contact, whose voice was silenced, assumed by the contact themself via poor editing. “I'm not messing around, yo, this is the perfect spot.”

“I’m not tweaking man; this tunnel is perfect.”

“Look, look, look. I've already made progress. This is gonna be a magnum opus, yo.”

“What you mean? I'm making PERFECT time. CRYSTAL time. Watch me, watch me, bro. I'm gonna make a banger and you're gonna crap your pants!”

More smudges of movement ensue as Jeremiah leaves his car. It is a red Chevrolet Monte Carlo. As he moves his friend on his phone, one could see the road beginning to reveal his location.

“This is here, sick!” “...” “What? The gunk on the wall? And?” “...” “Yeah...WHATEVER MAN. LOOK AT THIS!”

Jeremiah, stumbling on his words, shows his friend his spraying progress. The “gunk” on the wall did not look human-made. The patterns lined up and split and splotches pulsed and writhed. An unknown method of communication.

“This fire!”


“Ooooh, you want me to get out of here huh? OoOooOOooOOoh. I'm so scaaaared. Ohh nooo.”

From what could be inferred, Jeremiah runs away from the cave and sets down the phone, positioning it so that it shows both him and the cave. He begins to prance around, shouting and spraying the can as he slurs his words.



At random, the call begins to drop in frame quality as Jeremiah continues his prancing. His shouting becomes distorted.



The Contact’s voice is of unusually high quality compared to Jeremiah's.



Jeremiah’s camera is turned off and muted for five minutes. The Contact is calling for him. Eventually, the feed returns.

Jeremiah is gone. The cave is empty. All is silent.

The Contact calls out to him once more.

Two eyes emerge from the darkness in response. They are small, glowing white in color. They stare at the phone quietly. The Contact sounds visibly distressed, as the poor editing gave way to the sound of breathing.


Black tendrils slither across the tunnel and spider-like limbs begin to slowly emerge, planting firmly into the ground in a rhythmic pattern. The frames begin to drop in quality and the phone begins to vibrate. Dropping and vibrating like a violent pulse until finally…

There is a loud pop as Jeremiah's phone explodes, ending the call with a chime.

Jeremiah was infamous in the department for his vandalism cases, where he would spray obscene characters on abandoned property. This was further exemplified in his most recent incident at the Zachary Memorial in Jackknife Park, where he fled from an officer.

The Contact was immediately put under investigation, as it was associated with the disappearance of Jeremiah Pinkerton five days before. How Jeremiah obtained a new phone and why The Contact silenced the call is currently being investigated via communication with the contact.

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