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The Next Step in On-Campus Nutrition

by Nicholas Diaz

Photo credit: Nicholas Diaz

Columbus has made major strides in diversifying nutritional options for students on campus. One recent measure is the introduction of vending machines on campus.

Students can purchase a variety of snacks and drinks at vending machines located in the L building atrium and at the intersection of the A and D buildings. There are several food options for students ranging from Snickers to Hot Cheetos.

Junior Gabriel Olano, whose favorite snack is the Hot Cheetos, states the vending machines “are really amazing and fulfill my needs.” He purchases Hot Cheetos after school to snack on before his extracurricular activities.

The machines are only available for use before and after school.

As Mr. Linfors commented, the original intention was to “provide students with snacks before and after school.” Use of vending machines is not permitted during school hours because, as Mr. Linfors states, “We don’t want students buying chips and sodas and candy bars and taking them into classrooms.”

Although some students have expressed dissatisfaction with this, there are many alternative options for food during school hours. The cafeteria is open during school hours and food trucks are available during lunch periods.

The purpose of the vending machines is to provide an “easy way for kids to get snacks at school when other options are closed,” as freshman Skyler Velazco recognizes. The machines are intended for those students who stay after school whether for sports, extracurricular activities, or other reasons, and need a snack.

Freshman Benjamin Touzet also points out that the “vending machines are a great idea because you can pay online instead of going to Brother Herb’s with cash.”

Brother Herb’s room was often packed after school, so the vending machines were a smart way of distributing snacks throughout campus and facilitating nutritional access for students.

Overall, the new vending machines bring nutritional diversity and access to the Columbus campus to support student health before and after school.

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