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Unceasing Mind

by Nicholas Roiz

The brain never sleeps, the brain never stops

The brain never does what it’s told

Wake up early, the brain refuses to move.


The alarm cannot stop it with its blares and cries

Even when eating, the brain dreams, the fumes of food fueling its fire

Driving, the brain wanders, the car becomes its own


Close call, but not enough. The brain is back to its antics.

To school, in class, the brain grows tired. It creates figments of journey

and whimsy from the stimuli it is fed.

Jungles of danger, yet never unsafe, the dash, the jump, the roll.

The dangers of the mountain, the mythological beast, sword in hand

and indomitable.


Back into it. Called upon. It’s too late.

Make it home, try homework, the brain tries to find out anything else.

Make it to bed, oh wiry brain, give me the hope of sleep.


Oh cursed brain, why can you not obey? What makes you wander?

I covet those who can control it, those who keep their brain in line.

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Juan-Pablo Pina
Juan-Pablo Pina
27 oct 2023

Bro, that’s amazing!!! Love how this is so true and so descriptive, applying to almost any situation. Bravo, dude!

Me gusta
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