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Walk-a-Thon Mayhem Continues

by Carlos Montes de Oca

Source: CCHS Yearbook "Adelante" Staff

Organized chaos. Two words that can. be used to describe Walk-a-thon.

Mere weeks after the start of the school year, Columbus High School kicks off with school spirit dialed to the max. On Monday, Sept. 11, Walk-a-thon, one of Columbus's longstanding yearly traditions began.

Teachers around the school have started to sell all types of candy, drinks, and food such as pizza. But there are more ways to raise money. Teachers also play different types of games in their classrooms. In addition, students have started toward their goal of $85 in order to walk on Friday, October 6. All of the money collected will go to the Columbus Esports program, as well as various charitable causes supported by the school and the Marist brothers.

Mr. Gonzalez described Walk-a-Thon as, "weeks of school spirit and controlled chaos." He said that the reason he sells so much food and offers the opportunity for fun activities in the classroom during this time is because "tradition must go on, and this is one of the best things about Columbus."

Competition during Walk-a-Thon is not limited to games in the classroom, however. There is also competition between houses to see who can earn the most money. This year, the houses are the Nasty Boys, the House of Mayhem, the Hart Foundation and the Road Warriors. The more money you raise, the better your chances of earning prizes at the raffle, such as a PS5, a Nike gift card, the grand prize of $2,023 and more.

In addition, the competitive and fun sides of teachers seem to come out.

"I like how you see the true selves of the teachers. You see their 'non-work' side like in the wrestling event last year. It's really funny and cool.," said senior Raul Martinez.

Something else to look forward to is this year's teacher wrestling event. The student body was surprised by last year's special event, and when they heard it was being repeated this year, cheers were heard around the school. Teachers and other members of the Columbus staff will be fighting in a WWE-style ring until only one is standing.

If the school reaches the goal of $150 thousand, the Monday after the Super Bowl will be off from school.

Organized chaos? Maybe. Columbus tradition? Definitely.

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