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CCHS Weightlifting On the Rise

Updated: Apr 17, 2023

by Benjamin Corral

On the weekend of Jan. 12, explorers Sebastian Marin ‘24 and Sebastian Gomez ‘25 competed in a weightlifting competition at Bayfront Park in conjunction with WODAPALOOZA.

Sebastian Gomez received a special shoutout for competing in the 61 kg category and being able to lift a snatch of 51 kg and a clean and jerk of 74kg. The total of 125 kg allowed him to qualify for the Youth Nationals in Colorado this summer. Sebastian Marin qualified for nationals as well. Both explorers are also active members and leaders of the Weightlifting Club at CCHS.

The culture of weight training has been on the rise in high schools around the country in recent years and it is no surprise that CCHS has joined in on the wave. With the All-Sports Fitness Complex and Bernhardt Student Wellness Center readily available for students, CCHS students have an upper hand due to some of the features.

One side of the gym has a resistance training area with 30 machines; the free-weight area includes a squat rack, flat bench, and incline bench; sets of universal dumbbells and barbells (ranging from 10-60 pounds); 30 pieces of cardio equipment including 10 treadmills, eight upright bikes, six arc trainers, and two recumbent bikes; two stairmasters, two lateral trainers and two water rowers.

The All-Sports Fitness Complex side of the gym features 18 Olympic training racks that are used by all athletic teams. It is also home to former Explorers who are training during collegiate and professional off-seasons, according to the school website.

Mr. Machado, the club moderator, has an optimistic vision for the club as he hopes to advance it into a sport in the future at CCHS.

Mr. Machado commented, “We have a solid, consistent base in the club, a group of guys that come to every meeting and are getting better and better. Weightlifting is a sport in the FHSAA and the goal is to ultimately become a sport.”

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