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Drama Show "Close Encounters of the Internet Kind" Hits on Important Message

by Alejandro Menendez

The latest Columbus Drama Program show, “Close Encounters of the Internet Kind,” is an interesting and inventive play that captures one of the biggest problems in society today. The actors take the audience for a wild ride from beginning to end that resembles scrolling through one's phone.

The play blends reality along with the production as it begins with Drama Club Moderator Ms. McGrath getting mad at one of the actors for being on his phone while he should be preparing for the play. The actor (played by Christopher Cabrera) is then sucked into the internet where he can become a part of the videos that he is so addicted to watching.

Through this adventure, Christopher meets dinosaurs dancing the YMCA, synchronized swimmers being attacked by sharks and even a puppet named “Pookie Baby Pookie Bear.”  But throughout his journey, Christopher realizes that the internet has trapped him and that he cannot escape. Keeping in mind that he has to make it on time to the play, Christopher tries to find a way out, but not before he is met by every single character that he has met along the way.

Just as Wario is about to plunge his axe into Christopher, he gets a life-saving call from Ms. McGrath that reminds him to get to the play. At this moment, Christopher realized that all he needed to do to escape the wrath of the internet was get off his phone.

Though this play is hilarious throughout, this underlying message that “technology controls us” is a great commentary on our society and adds a key message to the production.

One of the most impressive aspects of this performance, however, is the fact that it was written by the actors. This initiative to be able to write an entire play truly shows how dedicated each one of these students is to his craft.

Many faculty members and students attended the play and enjoyed the work that these students had taken the time to create. Overall, this was a great experience and opportunity for Columbus students to enjoy and support the art that their peers created.

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