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Tales from the Vulcan: Story One

by Nicholas Roiz

“Ika, The First One” Art by: Nicholas Roiz (IG:

I have a question for you.

Do you fear the unknown? Do you fear the unfamiliar?

Do you fear the unfamiliar is smarter than you?

Don’t fear. Even my kind fears such. In fact, we’re just as scared of you as you are of us.

Fear is the most recognizable, but confusing emotion. It drives people insane, makes them act in ways none could comprehend. When one fears, they do not think, they act in hate, in conformity, but what can one do? Surely there must be ones that bring such troubled souls to sanity correct? Alas, humanity, in its progression throughout the years, has relied on the consumerist push for more. Crossing more lines than any intellectual.

I’ve been living amongst you. What was once a mission to scout is now a life in paradise. You’ve come along well in your progression through the years, to a point where you’ve established world peace (even if it took you decades to do so). Unfortunately I’ve come to bear bad news. The rest are not like me. They see you as test subjects for their abominations. Chew toys. Chum. Rations. They will take your creatures, your people, and your technology and they will purge you when completed.

Do everything you can. I’m sorry. I will keep you up on whatever I find.


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