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Tales from the Vulcan: Story Three

by Nicholas Roiz

“Throne and Queen, The Symbiotic Survivors” Art by: Nicholas Roiz (IG:




“Status report on the T.W.E.s.”

“Models A and B are functioning normally, tasked with excavating the area around the Vulcan. No resistance.”

“What about C and D?”

“Tasked with clearing out the forest of harmful wildlife. All wildlife responded with hostility… Model C crippled, front arm and top right leg lost, but overall an effective operation.”

“Noted. What about our final models? E, F and G? I heard they were rigged for a special cavern operation.”

“Tasked with clearing out a colony of insect-like creatures discovered by scout drones prior. They were rigged with twin ion cannons, a second optical sensor and camera and reinforced chassis and ar-”

“Is there a problem?”

“I’ve lost signal with Models E and G… Re-routing to second cameras… nothing.”

“Go to Model F.”

“Model F is online. It seems to have severely wounded a large insect, presumably the queen… man, she’s big… checking status… highly damaged, Model F, nor the Queen and her children are fighting anymore.”

“Send a command to Model F. Get it out of there.”

“I’m trying… It isn’t doing anything… just staring at her…”

“And? Command it to leave the cavern and return to Vulcan immediately.”

“I…can’t? Model F just… fried its own command system. It’s approaching the Queen now.”


“It’s helping her… the whole hive is… they’re fixing Model F… themselves… the queen… it’s unbelievable… Model F has just lifted the Queen onto its Chassis…



“Sir, may I request that we—“

“Cut off contact? Are you kidding me?!”

“Well sir, it’s just tha-“

“What? All of a sudden a T.W.E. a unit programmed only to conduct its protocol with no complaint is being wooed by a small hive of bugs? BS! Request a heavy weapons team to go deal with them.”

“But sir-“

“Do you not understand the immense danger you’re putting the Vulcan in if Model F stays active, especially with no way to contact it? That is a heavily-armored unit equipped with twin ion-blasters and God knows what else… along with an insect queen with an entire hive watching her back… This should not even be a question. Request the heavy team. Now.”


“Yes sir.”


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