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Student Spotlight: Marco Salazar

By Alexis Penalver

Christopher Columbus High School is home to many student-athletes, but one who stands out is senior Marco Salazar. As a captain of the newly formed Columbus weightlifting team and a Mas Scholar, Marco has a lot to juggle. Although daunting, Marco splits his time between competitions, training, rigorous academics and college applications.

Despite the challenges that accompany the life of a student-athlete, Marco still finds the benefits.

"I think weightlifting has improved my life in so many ways. Physically, it’s made me so much stronger and tougher. It’s allowed me to build new friendships with my teammates and coaches. It’s also improved me mentally in so many ways. I’ve learned the benefits of hard work and commitment, which have helped me in every aspect of my life."

Furthermore, the demanding lifestyle of student-athletes is known to develop important life skills in the formative years of an adolescent's life.

"Balancing schoolwork and athletics isn’t always easy but it makes you a better person every step of the way. Through the many late nights of workouts and studying you learn to how stay focused and balance the things most important to you."

Marco Salazar performing a clean & jerk lift in a 2023 competition

A staple of the athletic community at CCHS is the quality of being strengthened and improved by your peers. That standard holds true on the weightlifting team. According to Marco, he is surrounded by a supportive team that constantly helps him improve.

Thriving in both the classroom and the gym, Marco embodies a true student-athlete.

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